Shipping mixed temperature controlled goods with Thermal Pallet Covers

Product Spotlight: ThermoCover – the leading Insulated Pallet Cover

Struggling to ship your temperature-sensitive goods? Wrap-it with ThermoCover & it takes care of the rest!

At Gilmores, we pride ourselves on offering quality and innovative products to support the needs of our customers. As leaders in industrial packaging, here is a great innovative solution to support transporting temperature-sensitive goods.

Thermal pallet cover insulated

The Gilmores team have developed the ThermoCover – the Insulated Pallet Cover which is being used as an alternative to transporting Frozen goods in a Frozen goods truck. As we know, a Refrigerated vehicle uses approximately 50% more fuel to run. Further, the ThermoCover saves in the area of fuel, as Shipping Trucks can be sent Full rather than Half-filled due to goods needing different controlled temperatures.

The insulated pallet cover saves you and your customer financially, as well as helping the Environment with less emissions by maximising the use of Fully-loaded trucks.

Thermal insulated pallet cover

Michael, Sales Manager at Gilmores, says:

ThermoCover has a 5-layer thermal wall designed to best protect your product. The 5 layers combine to provide remarkable temperature control. These amazing properties now makes it possible to ship Chilled Goods in a Non-Refrigerated vehicle …

As the insulated pallet cover comes in 5 different standard sizes and with the option of custom sizes available, various companies are using ThermoCover to ship Products side-by-side even though they require different temperatures. The option of ‘mixing’ Frozen, Cold, Cool and Dry Goods in the one shipment is now possible. You are now able to maximise your shipping space to its full potential.

Pallet Cover Type Size
ThermoCover-700 700mm x 1.2 x 1.2
ThermoCover-1200 1200mm x 1.2 x 1.2
ThermoCover-1600 1600mm x 1.2 x 1.2
ThermoCover-1800 1800mm x 1.2 x 1.2
ThermoCover-2400 2400mm x 1.2 x 1.2
Customer Sizing Available Get in touch with us

Michael highlights another benefit of the product:

ThermoCover will allow you to ship Dry Goods in a Refrigerated Truck without the risk of Condensation ruining your precious Produce …

Shipped Item Temperature Range (°C) Comments

13.5 to 15

12.5 to 21



Grapes -1 to 0
Pumpkin 10
Turnip 0

Source: Dept of Primary Industries

Benefits of using our Thermal Pallet Cover in a snapshot:

  • Temperature Stability

  • Highly-efficient

  • Cost-effective

  • Versatile material

  • 5 standard size options

  • Custom sizes available

  • Easy to use & Reusable

  • Reliable and stable

  • Reduction in Fuel Costs

  • Environmentally-friendly

  • Shipment of Full Trucks

  • Use of non-refrigerated trucks

  • Protection from environmental factors

  • Protection from pests and tampering

Examples of Goods and Industries benefitting from our ThermoCover:

  • Ice cream and dairy products

  • Baked goods

  • Perishable foods

  • Frozen foods

  • Beverages

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Dry ice

  • Industrial chemicals

  • Paints

  • Electrical products

Shipping & Transporting Temperature-sensitive goods now and into the future.

When dealing with complexities of shipping temperature-sensitive goods, as well as managing rising operational costs due to fuel pressures, the question was always asked: What can be done?

The simple answer? Our ThermoCover.

With its innovative design and features, the ThermoCover product removes current issues facing Logistical and Freight Companies in this high-pressured situation. This product offers savings in other areas such as utilising Full-load trucks or Non-refrigerated trucks with savings to you and your customer, as well as the Environment.

ThermoCover has been independently tested by the CSIRO & AFQC supporting the strengths and benefits of our thermal pallet cover.

CSIRO logo
QLD dept Primary Industries and Fisheries

Our ThermoCover is the only suitable pallet cover for you and your business arrangements.

Experience smoother logistics and greater savings.
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