We have a huge range of high-performing stretch film and high-quality plastic wraps for every application

Stretch Film & Plastic Wraps

From Stretch Wrap and Shrink Film as well as Plastic Wrap Dispensers and Stretch Wrap Machines – at Gilmores, we have you covered.

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Supplies for Stretch Film and Plastic Wraps.

View our large range of high-performance hand and machine stretch film and plastic wraps.

High Performance Stretch FilmHigh-Performance Stretch Film

Our high-performance and eco-friendly Stretch Film comes in 4 varieties: light, medium and heavy (hand stretch, 450 mm x 400 mm) and medium (500 mm x 1500 mm machine stretch).

Pallet Protector Sheets and Corrugated Pallet PadsCorrugated Pallet Pads and Pallet Protector Sheets

Our Corrugated Pallet Pads protect products from wood, dirt and slight moisture. They’re a great way to keep your products clean and sealed.

Clear Hand Stretch Films

Our Clear Hand Stretch Films have excellent stretch capabilities and great cling – the film sticks to itself, not on your products. They keep a tight grip on pallets while being tear and puncture-resistant and are low-noise.

Blown Stretch FilmBlown Stretch Film

We stock Blown Stretch Film available in clear and black. They’re extra heavy-duty and are easy to apply; with high puncture resistance, great cling and low-noise.

We also stock Ventilated Stretch Film – ideal for packing consumable goods such as fruit, vegetables and other foods.

Netwrap Pallet NettingNetwrap Pallet Netting

The Netwrap Knitted Pallet Netting is ideal for products that need to breathe such as fruit, turf, vegetables, fruit, etc. Its tensile strength is 250 kg and has a reinforced edge for extra strength and will not tangle or tear.

Machine Stretch Film – Cast

Wrap your pallets with ease with our Machine Stretch Film – a high-clarity cast film with great cling, excellent memory and high puncture resistance.

Bundling FilmBundling Film

The Mini Stretch Wrap strongly binds your products together without sticking onto products – the film sticks to itself. It’s quick and easy to use with its hand dispenser.

Premium Hand Pre-Stretch FilmPremium Hand Pre-Stretch Film

This Pre-stretched Film is available in clear and black. It comes as a lightweight roll which makes it easy to apply and there is minimal stretching required to activate memory.

White Stretch Film

Our premium quality White Stretch Film can be used for security purposes and is available in hand and machine film.

Stretch Wrap Dispensers

Reduce strain on your hands and back with a Stretch Wrap Dispenser. We stock heavy duty dispensers, as well as plastic end caps, and tension can easily be adjusted.

Spiral Wrapping Film

Spiral Wrapping Films are ideal for the fast bundling of long items. Our stock is a strong and high-quality cast film available in clear.

Ripack 2200 Heat GunRipack 2200 Heat Gun

This ultra heavy-duty Heat Gun is great for securing pallet bags for transport to prevent damage. It operates on LP gas and its patented Cold Nozzle Technology is a safety feature that prevents operator injury. The kit contains 1 Ripack 2200 heat gun, a propane-type hose, a double safety adjustable regulator, a spanner and an instruction sheet with a guarantee card.

We also have the Ripack 2200 Extension Wand System available.

Continuous Pallet Tubing

Our Heat Shrink Continuous Pallet Tubes are ideal for pallets with varying height and fits all standard-sized pallets. Custom printing is also available.

Pallet Bags on a Roll

Our clear, Heat Shrink Polyethylene Bags are made in-house at our very own manufacturing facility. They’re available in two thicknesses and are perforated on a roll for easy tearing.

Pallet Top Covers

These Pallet Top Covers are great for protection against rain and dust. They’re available in clear and black and are perforated on a roll.

Elasticised Covers

A great alternative to boost pallet top covers as they are easy to use and stretch over pallets or drums.

Builders Film

Builders Film provides a great solution to protect surfaces from moisture and dust. They are centre-folded on a roll (single wound rolls are also available) and can be joined using PVC duct tape.

PVC Shrink Film

Clear PVC Shrink Films are used in shrink film machines and are ideal for professional packaging use as well as for the printing industry.

Hooded Shrink Film Machines

We stock Hooded Shrink Film Machines that seal and shrink your items in one operation. They are supplied on a trolley with castor wheels and have an adjustable height plate.

Spiral Wrapping FilmCompact Spiral Wrappers

Improve your productivity with a Compact Spiral Wrapper. Compact Spiral Wrapper machines are ideal for the fast bundling of aluminium lengths and are available in a range of sizes and configurations.


Timberwrap is an economical option to protect your timber. Our stock of Timberwrap is available in white and come as a centre-folded plastic film on a roll.