Stretch Film & Plastic Wrap Applications – All you need to know

Product Spotlight: Stretch Film & Plastic Wraps

Stretch Film it or Plastic Wrap it – we have all the plastic covers you need to secure your load ! We are a One-Stop-Shop at Gilmores.

No surprises that Packaging Consumables are very much integral when transporting products in manufacturing or supply process units – for items shipped from warehouses and factories, to relevant commercial and business units.

Now if we shift our attention to the everyday, that is, to everyday person, it too has an important role. We witness mums, dads, colleagues and so on, use consumable packaging products to post their parcels, or protect items during renovations, or moving house. Simply: Packaging Consumables is all around us!

To expand, Packaging Consumables are an important, extensive and diverse range, available in many different materials and sizes – highlighting its practicality and, of course, accessibility.

In the first of our two-part article series, we place the spotlight on these key product categories:
Stretch Film & Plastic Wraps.

Let’s take a closer look …

Stretch Film

There are many (some might say too many) options when it comes Stretch Film.

Though, you can generally divide it into 2 categories:

  1. Hand Stretch Films
  2. Machine Stretch Films
Stretch Wrap Hand Dispenser
packaging machinery q300 semi-automatic stretch wrap machine

Current & Projected Stretch Film Statistics

The Stretch Film & Plastic Wrap market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 5.8% over 2021 to 2030. The overall Stretch Wrap market will continue to encounter considerable growth, due to increased demands in certain industries and markets, as well as the need to reduce operational costs & improve efficiencies.

The demand for Packaging has surged due to a significant increase in eCommerce business. The Agriculture, Food & Beverages, Storage & Distribution, Healthcare industries lead the demand for Stretch Film due to a variety of factors.

The Asia-Pacific region is the fastest growing market, as well as the largest market. This region has experienced growing demand for ready-to-eat meals and growth in the Food and Beverage industries (Sources: Data Intelo & Grand View Research)

Market Summary CAGR%

Global Stretch & Shrink Films Market

Share, by application, 2021 (%). Source, Grand View Research

Features, benefits and uses: Hand Stretch Film

As the name suggests, Hand Stretch film is designed specifically to be applied manually. You may find it also referred to as hand stretch wrap, hand wrap or hand film.

Hand Stretch Films are typically ideal when used in lower volume packaging operations or in custom specific situations. It has outstanding stretch capabilities and great cling functionality. Like with any product and process, you should take stock of the efficiency of manual stretch wrap packaging, to assess whether machine-applied films may be a more viable option for you operationally.

plastic wrap adhesive


  • Ideal for keeping pallets secure

  • Tear and puncture resistant

  • Ideal for lower volume packaging operations

  • Ideal in custom specific situations

  • When should you use  Hand Stretch Wrap?

  • Pallets are too unstable to transport to a stretch wrapper
    i.e picked & packed

  • Limited warehouse space

  • Low pallet volume

Examples of Industries or Products that use Hand Stretch:

Food & Agriculture 3PL’s and Warehousing Logistics / Transport
Frozen Foods Electrical products Building Products
Alcohol & Beverages Machinery Print and Paper Products
Pharmaceuticals Automotive Cardboard Manufactures

Premium Hand Pre-Stretch Film

In the case of our Premium Hand Pre-Stretch Film, as the name suggests,
it offer premium features, including:

  • Pre-stretched, light weight rolls, ensuring easy application

  • Environmentally friendly less film = Less Waste

  • Minimal stretching required to activate memory

  • Pre-stretched film will tighten with minimal stretching

Premium Hand Pre-Stretch Film
  • When & Why should you use Premium Stretch Film?

  • When there are a high volume of pallets to be wrapped.

  • Pre-stretched film will require less physical energy to apply than conventional hand stretch film due to minimal stretch required by the operator.

  • Lighter weight roles means it is easier for the operator to use and apply.

  • Remember: Choosing the right stretch applicator will result in more efficient and cost effective packaging operations, so contact our Expert Packaging Consultants

Features, benefits and uses: Machine Stretch Film

Using a machine stretch film, or stretch wrap machine is designed to applied automatically, So it comes to no surprise, the stretch wrap films are ideal for larger volumes, as it is a faster and more effective packaging method, due to its capacity for greater output.

Our Machine Stretch Film have excellent cling & memory, provides low noise application, high puncture resistance as well as high-clarity cast film.

  • Safer application

  • Reduced packaging material costs

  • Greater secure loads

Examples of Common Machine Stretch Film Types:

Type Benefits
Blown Stretch Film (Available: clear & black) Extra heavy-duty & are easy to apply High puncture resistance Great cling & low-noise
Cast Stretch Film High-clarity cast film with great cling Excellent memory & high puncture resistance Low noise application & guaranteed length
White Stretch Film Premium quality film Ideal for increased protection Ideal for security purposes

Other Examples

Ventilated Stretch Film

  • Easy to apply, ventilated film

  • Ideal for the food and fruit industry where goods require ventilation

  • Available as Hand and Machine Roll

ventilated stretch film
Bundling Film

Bundling Film

  • Mini stretch wrap system which strongly binds your products together

  • Doesn’t stick to products – film sticks to itself

  • Quick and Easy to use with dispenser

Netwrap Pallet Netting

  • High quality knitted pallet netting – available in both hand and machine rolls

  • Stretchable and very easy to use

  • Neat, well presented rolls have a reinforced edge for extra strength and will not tangle or tear

  • Ideal for products that need to breath, such as turf, fruit, vegetables and more..

Netwrap Pallet Netting
Netwrap Pallet Netting : Additional Features

Advance Manufacturing Technology.
Tensile Strength 270kg.

Environmentally Friendly.

Overcomes problems with condensation, sweating, mould and over heating
(also check out our ThermoCover)

Split pallet pricing available.

Shipping & Transporting goods now and into the future.

If you are in the business of needing to transport heavy loads and loads that travel long distances, quite simply you will require more film to secure it. So getting professional advice is critical. By contacting our experienced team, they have the best Industry knowledge and expertise to recommend the most cost effective solution for your shipping needs.

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