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Just a recap … in the first of our two-part article series, we placed the spotlight on the Stretch Film & Plastic Wraps products, which is one of the many popular items found under the Packaging Consumables range.

In this second part, we will be placing attention to Strapping and its accessories, which ties in nicely (pun not intended) as in most scenarios, Stretch Wrap and Strapping have a strong relationship.

  • Trying to work out the best strapping material for you & your business?

  • What are the common strapping types?

  • Which strapping material type is ideal for your application, and how does it function?

If yes, let’s take a closer look …

What is Strapping?
Top 3 types & common uses

Strapping is a means of tightly securing items, such as reinforcing cartons, bundling products together and securing items to pallets for storage, distribution and shipment arrangements. There are a variety of Strapping options, but generally it can be divided into three main categories:

  1. Polypropylene (PP) Strapping
  2. Polyester (PET) Strapping
  3. Steel Strapping
strapping hand poly
strapping machinery

Current & Projected Strapping Statistics

The Strapping materials market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 5.10% by 2033. In 2023, the Asia-Pacific region contributed more than 46% of market share. With the polypropylene (PP) product being the highest generating, with over 48% of market share in 2023, followed by Polyester Strapping then Steel Strapping. The overall Strapping materials market will continue to experience considerable growth, due to increased demands in certain industries as well as rising adoption of strapping supplies across more industry sectors.

In the Asia-Pacific region, growth in strapping materials is associated mostly in industries like food and beverages, printed materials (e.g. newspapers and graphics) and industrial logistics and warehouses. While globally, the need for strapping supplies is anticipated to remain high in the logistics & transportation sector.

At over 29.4%, Edge protectors segment currently holds the highest market share in the global strapping supplies industry for product types. It is projected to continue to grow at a CAGR of approximately 4.0% through to 2033.

Sources: Grand View Research, Future Market Insights Inc, Precedence Research

Market Summary CAGR%

Strapping Materials Market in Asia-Pacific region (2024 – 33). Source: Precedence Research

Global Strapping Materials Market

Share, by Product, 2022 %. Source: Grand View Research

Polypropylene (PP or Poly) Strapping & its uses

Polypropylene Strapping, also referred to as PP or Poly Strapping, is one of the most common types of strapping. It comes in a variety of widths, tensile strengths, and core sizes.  Its flexible and lightweight design is great for closing cartons, bundling products or strapping pallets.

Polypropylene Strapping can be applied in a variety of ways from hand to fully auto strapping machines. When used with a wire or plastic buckle, the poly strap can easily be tightened manually, that is, by hand. In cases where the application needs a tighter strap, a manual tensioning tool is used to reach required tension, together with a metal clip and crimper to join the strap. Additionally, if greater tension and greater output overall is required, the Poly strap is available in both semi-auto and fully automated strapping machines.

poly strapping heavy band
Polypropylene Strapping

Examples of the range of Industries and Products that use Poly Strap:

Print & Paper Products Automotive Food & Agriculture
Cardboard items Machinery Frozen Foods
Millwork Electrical products Pharmaceuticals
Building products Appliances Alcohol & Beverages
Flooring Clothing Hardware
  • Our Poly Strapping range is embossed which adds greater friction and aids it not sliding off plus it can improve joint efficiency.

PP Strapping: key points

  • PP strap is popular due its lower cost and ability to easily and quickly close cartons. For example, like you might see around a box of copy paper, unitise small bundles such as timber pieces like garden stakes, without expensive tooling or machine investment.

  • PP strap is available in a Hand Dispenser box, a roll that can be put on a dispenser or a machine roll for semi-automatic and automatic equipment.

  • Most commonly available in 12mm, 15mm and 19mm sizes.

  • Each size type typically has a standard and heavy duty options.

PET strapping

Polyester (PET) Strapping & its uses

Thanks to its many unique benefits, the Polyester or PET Strap, is the most preferred strapping method for many businesses across a range of industries.

The main driver for businesses using PET Strapping is due to its increased safety and recyclability. It has a positive track record of reducing injuries in the workplace, notably cuts and bruising. The benefits doesn’t stop with safety as the PET Strap also offers increased strength, especially as it is a great alternative to steel strapping.

  • Great alternative to steel strapping – cheaper than steel, savings customers almost half in costing

  • Increased Safety qualities

  • Strong and lightweight

  • Ideal for use with battery tools

  • Exceptional material for steadying heavy pallet loads

  • 100% recyclable material

Apart from its many unique benefits, the Polyester (PET) Strapping is highly flexible & portable. It can be used with a Dispenser, making it mobile and convenient. The dispenser has inbuilt brake, stopping the roll self unwinding and its inbuilt handy tool bin means greater efficiency and productivity by the end-user.

  • PET strapping provides ideal tension for rigid loads, plus helping to absorb impact during transportation. It is perfect if you need higher initial tension to contain a load.

Examples of the Industries and Products that use PET Strap:

  • Metals – sheet, coil, tube

  • Aluminum products

  • Heavy industrial products – spare parts, pumps, motors, attachments

  • Timbers

  • Timbers

  • Building supplies (i.e Bricks & Tiles)

  • Pallets of Bottles & Cans

  • When exceptional steadying heavy pallet loads is required

  • Most PET strapping is green, and this is connected to it being created from 100% recyclable material, notably green plastic bottles !

Steel Strapping and its uses

Over time and with other options available, Steel Strapping is becoming a lesser-used option. Considered as an old packaging material, it is still used across a range of industries and product-types, due to its very high tensile strength.

Available in different widths and thicknesses, with each differing in quality from one another. Steel strapping is mainly used for heavy economy, where a high level of endurance is required during shipment.

Ribbon Wound Steel Strapping
strapping steel
  • Most common sizes are 16mm, 19mm and 32mm.

  • Both 16mm and 19mm come in regular tensile strengths.

  • High tensile options are available in 19mm and 32mm.

Regular Duty Steel Strap

  • Low carbon steel strapping.

  • Medium tensile strength.

  • Ideal for standard and heavy duty packaging

  • Also suitable for unitising, bundling, palletising closure, reinforcing, security and case sealing.

High Tensile Steel Strap

  • High carbon steel strapping.

  • High tensile strength.

  • Heat treated.

  • Ideal for heavy duty packaging applications which need high elongation and high strength for shock resistance.

Ribbon Wound Rope Wound Regular Duty High Tensile
16 mm x .50mm
19 mm x .50mm
19 mm x .63mm
19 mm x .80mm
32 mm x .80mm

Examples of the heavy-duty applications that use Steel Strapping are:

Heavy manufacturing equipment Steel sheets & coils
Industrial equipment Bundling metals
Building & Construction Materials Baling wire
Steel pipes & tubes & more

Our Steel Strapping range includes

Ribbon Wound Steel Strapping

A premium, black strapping with smooth well-rounded edges

  • Smaller rolls – usually 13-15kg for 16/19mm.

  • 32mm is 45kg.

  • One strap wide.

Ribbon Wound Steel Strapping
Steel strapping packaging

32mm Ribbon Steel Strap

A premium, black strapping with smooth well-rounded edges

  • Available in ribbon wound 45kg rolls.

  • Also available in jumbo rolls.

High Tensile Steel Strap

Best used in demanding applications due to the higher break strains and elongation than standard steel strap

  • For use in demanding applications due to the higher tensile strength and break strains than standard steel strap.

heavy duty steel strap
steel strapping

Rope Wound Steel Strap

Large, black painted rolls – Ideal for bulk use. Smooth features & well-rounded edges for safe use

  • Wider rolls approximate 45kg.

  • 3-4 straps wide.

Checklist – Factors you need to consider when Choosing Strapping Material

Product Dimensions – consider the size, weight, and shape of your product

Shipping Distance – factors like load type vs strap strength,
will your product settle during transportation = strap that can stretch

Tensile Strength – of the strap relies on strapping methods, size of strapping, number of straps needed per load, plus final weight of product consignment
Method of Strapping – manual strapping tools are a perfect option if you are strapping at a lower output. If you need to meet higher output, strapping with semiautomatic or automatic machines are your best option

Next steps & selecting the right Strapping Material

Once you have digested all the information and considered the above factors in the checklist, you will be feeling better placed in start your strapping selection.

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