Gilmores leads the competition when it comes to Steel, Poly, PET and Poly-Woven Strapping

Strapping and Accessories Supplies

We stock a wide range of Strapping in various materials as well as all related accessories, tools and strapping machinery.

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Strapping and Strapping Accessories Suppliers.

Stainless Steel Buckles & BracketsBuckles and Brackets

We have various types of buckles and brackets to fasten signs to poles, add extra strength to strapping or secure strapping together. Our range includes:

  • Stainless Steel Buckles and Brackets – for marine applications
  • Wire Buckles – to add extra strength
  • Plastic Buckles – for hand tensioning poly strapping
  • Poly Woven Wire Buckles – for poly woven strapping

Strapping and AccessoriesEdge Protectors

Prevent damages on products caused by strapping with edge protectors. At Gilmores, we stock plastic, metal and cardboard Edge Protectors in different sizes and bulk quantities to suit your application needs.


Polypropylene lashing is all-purpose and is widely used for tying and bundling products together. We stock lengths of 750, 1900 and 2600 metres.

Strapping – Poly

Poly Strapping is a great flexible and lightweight yet strong option for strapping pallets or bundles of products. It’s a safe alternative to metal strapping. We stock Hand Poly Strapping and Heavy Band Poly Strapping as well as PET Strapping Dispensers – for a more mobile and convenient application wherever you need.

Heavy Band Strapping Starter Kits and Poly Strapping Tools are also available at Gilmores.

Strapping – Stainless Steel

For applications where corrosion is an issue, Stainless Steel Banding is the best choice. It’s ideal for the mining and oil industries as well as for fixing cables on light and power poles.

We also stock stainless steel buckles and brackets as well as stainless banding tools.

Ribbon Wound Steel StrappingStrapping – Steel

Steel Strapping is ideal for use in stronger applications. Our range at Gilmores includes:

  • Ribbon Wound Steel Strapping – A premium, black strapping with smooth well-rounded edges
  • Super Grade 32mm Ribbon Steel Strap – Our strongest strap available and is black-painted
  • Heavy-Duty Mill Rope Wound Steel Strap – For use in demanding applications due to the higher break strains and elongation than standard steel strap
  • Standard Mill Wound Steel Strapping – Large, black painted rolls perfect for bulk users. It features smooth, well-rounded edges for safe use


Polyethylene Silver Rope is waterproof and great for general industrial use. They’re ideal for truck ropes and tarpaulin ties.

We also stock Aquatec PE/PP Rope which is UV resistant with excellent weathering properties. It’s ideal for many industrial uses such as marine, trucking, towing and many more.

Strapping Seals

Our range of strapping seals includes:

  • Steel Strapping Seals – which are used with a crimper or sealer to tighten and firmly hold steel ribbon strapping.
  • Poly Strapping Seals – to be used with poly strap sealers and manual strapping tools. They are available as 12mm, 15mm and 19mm heavy-duty open seals.
  • Polyester PET seals – serrated on the inside for extra grip and are made from heavy-duty galvanised steel.

Poly Strap Dispenser CartStrapping Dispenser

A Strapping Dispenser Cart is a convenient way to strap products easily and quickly. Our range of Strapping Dispensers include:

  • Ribbon Wound Steel Strap Dispensers
  • Steel Strap Dispenser Carts
  • Poly Strap Dispenser Carts
  • Polyester (PET) Strapping Dispensers

Strapping Tools

Our range of Strapping Tools includes tensioners, crimpers, cutters as well as electric strapping tools and polypropylene strapping tools. Watch the Strapping Tool Demo Video here.

Fully Automatic Strapping MachineStrapping Machine

Pack products more efficiently with our range of semi-automatic and fully automatic Strapping Machines. We have versatile machines that meet a variety of applications and have fast strapping speeds for high volume users.

Cable and Twist Ties

Secure cables and close bags with cable ties and twist ties. We have cable ties in black, vinyl twist ties in blue and white, and galvanised metal twist ties for heavier applications.