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We have an extensive range of bubble wrap, void fills, mailer bags, protective wraps and many more.

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Bubblewrap, Foams & Floor Protection
Bubblewrap | Dispensers | Foam Bubble | EPE Foam | EPE Foam Block | Polycell Foam | Hollowflute | Construction Multiguard | Polywoven

Void Fill, Air Pillows & Padded Mailers
Void Fill | Air Pillows | Air Cushion Machine | Paper Void Fill | Padded Mailers | QIKPAK

Desiccants, Dunnage & Ice Packs
Desiccants | Silicia GelDunnage Bags | Gel Ice Packs | ThermoCover

Product Protection
Packing Paper | Cardboard Rolls | Carton Liners | Netting

Bubblewrap, Foams & Floor Protection

Wrap and protect with our versatile range of Bubblewrap & Protective Foams by Polycell. Need to protect your Floors & other Surfaces? Our Floor Protection products are just want you need!

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Void Fill, Air Pillows & Padded Mailers

Need protective packaging like Air Pillows, Bio Fill – Void fill & Paper filling systems? How about Padded Mailer bags like press seal/poly, courier, jiffy or Wrap-Around mailers? Check out our range.

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Desiccants, Dunnage & Ice Packs

From Desiccants, Silicia Gel, Dunnage bags, Ice Packs & insulated pallet covers – our products aid in moisture control & required temperature controlled situtations.

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Bubblewrap, Foams & Floor Protection

Our extensive range of Bubblewrap and Foams is just what you need to protect those smaller, delicate or portable items to those that are large or odd in size. Wrap it and leave the protective to our quality products.  Need to protect Flooring & other surfaces? We have that covered with our diverse Floor Protection products.


From generic Bubblewrap to specialised Bubblewrap, we have it all.

Our extensive range of economical and versatile Bubblewraps include:

  • Bubblewrap Rolls
  • Bubble Wrap Dispensers
  • Heavy Duty Bubblewrap
  • Bubblewrap in Dispenser Box
  • Anti-Static Bubblewrap
  • Kraft Backed Bubblewrap
  • Adhesive Bubblewrap
  • Furniture Bubblewrap
  • Foam Backed Bubblewrap
  • Bubble Tube
Bubblewrap Rolls

Bubblewrap Dispensers

If you frequently use Bubblewrap then our Bubblewrap Dispensers and Bubblewrap in Dispenser Box are just the thing!

Simply pull the protective bubble layer, size it up over the item and cut to size. Great time saving tool & conveniently avoids unnecessary wastage.

bubblewrap dispenser
bubblewrap dispenser supplier

Foam Bubble by Polycell

Foam Bubble is a product that consists of a layer of EPE foam that is laminated to one side of the bubble. This combination creates a protective wrapping surface that is incredibly soft.

The Foam Bubble is ideal to avoid damage from collision and protects product surfaces.

Thickness of EPE Foam range consists: 0.5mm, 1mm & 2mm.

Main Material consists of LDPE & lamination of PE Foam.

Foam Bubble Polycell Supplies

EPE Foam | Polyfoam Rolls by Polycell

EPE Foam is known for its soft texture, which makes it an ideal packaging solution for highly polished surfaces and provides excellent cushioning against shock for fragile items.

Polyfoam Rolls is not only lightweight, but it is also non-abrasive, chemically inert, water-resistant, and 100% recyclable.

Polycell manufactures a variety of closed-cell, non-crosslinked EPE Foam products using low density Polyethylene resins that are free of HCFC and CFC gases.

polyfoam roll

EPE Foam Block by Polycell

The EPE Foam Block is ideal to protect fragile items from collision and is available in a variety of thickness giving customers flexibility in their packaging needs. The EPE Foam Block is a product composed of thermo laminated layers and manufactured through environmentally friendly processes that do not involve the use of fluorocarbons.

The PE Foam Plank is available in sheet form and comes in thicknesses ranging from 15mm to 80mm.

The standard sheet sizes are 1m in width and 2m in length, although longer lengths can be produced upon request.

EPE Foam Block Supplies Polycell

Foam Products by Polycell

Protect and cushion products and surfaces with easy to use, lightweight, non-abrasive materials.

We additionally stock:

  • Cellfoam Edge Wrap – to protect edges of benchtops, tables and for many other fragile applications
  • Foam Ice Boxes – insulated foam boxes for storing food and pharmaceutical goods that keep them cool during transit
  • Foam Protector Shapes – custom-shaped foam blocks to securely fit and protect the edges of any product.
Polyfoam Rolls


Hollowflute Sheets are the ideal packaging system for layers on pallets and layers in between items.

They can also be used for protecting floors and surfaces during construction work.

hollowflute sheets packaging

Construction Multiguard

Construction Multi Guard is a highly effective solution for preventing surface abrasion, providing exceptional durability in areas that require maximum protection.

An overall effective multi-purpose protective material.

Learn more about Construction Multiguard
Floor Protection Construction Multi-guard

Polywoven Floor Protection & Carpet Protection

Polywoven Floor Protection is designed with an anti-slip surface to ensure safety. It is also water and dust-resistant, making it suitable for interior applications. Additionally, it can be used for temporary on-site weatherproofing.

Learn more about Polywoven Floor Protection
polywoven wide floor protection

Void Fill, Air Pillows & Padded Mailers

Our Void Fill, Air Pillows, Wrap-around mailers & other quality products like Padded Mailers offers superior protection to your packages during transportation – minimising the risk of damage, breakage especially to those fragile items. Pack with confidence, ship with ease with our protective, lightweight and versatile Protective Packaging options. 

Void Fill – Bio Fill

Bio Fill is an inexpensive solution for void fills and help protect your goods during transit.

Its lightweight shapes allow for quick packing and can be dispensed using a Bio Fill Dispenser Unit (also available).

For a mess-free solution to loose packing peanuts, try the Paper Filling System from Fill Easi & Pad Easi.

loose void fill
bio fill void fill

Air Pillows

Protect your packages with air pillows – an alternative to loose and messy void fill products!

The Air Pillow Packaging System by Polycell has a wide range of uses, including void filling, wrapping, interleaving, and block and brace applications.

Our Bubble Void Fill and Cell-O Air Pillows are dispensable and perforated. Allows for an easy tear-off-and-fill application. It fills any empty spaces or wrap up items in order to prevent damage from collisions.

Polycell Cell-O Air Pillows

Mini Pak’r Air Cushion Machine

Another great alternative to void fills and is a fast and cost-effective solution to protect your products.

Simple and easy to use. Plug in the machine which can be wall mounted to save space.

air bubble machine

Paper Void Fill & Machine

The Paper Filling System from Fill Easi & Pad Easi is best described as a mess-free solution to loose packing peanuts.

As its name suggest, it is a fast and easy way to protect your goods during transport and shipment. As well as, a growing and preferred sustainable protection packaging option.

Give a call & book in your Paper Void Fill Machine for a trial.

paper void fill supplies
paper filling protective

Courier Satchel | Padded Mailers

Looking for a packaging solution to mail your products?

At Gilmores, we have a huge range of options for all your mailing and despatch needs.

From strong, plastic bubble mail packs to Kraft paper envelopes padded with recycled paper – our stock of courier satchels includes:

  • Jiffy Utility Mailers
  • Protecta Bags
  • Courier Tuff Satchels
  • Clear Bubble Bags
  • Paper Bubble Cushion Mail Packs
  • Plastic Bubble Cushion Mail Packs
  • Jiffy Padded Bags
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Courier Satchel
mailer bag bubble padded

QIKPAK™ Wrap-around mailer boxes

Our range of Wrap-around cardboard mailer boxes are perfect for easily mailing books, discs, LP records, DVDs, to name a few to customers. They are quick and easy to use: assemble, wrap your product, peeling the self-adhesive tape & seal. These mailers also provide an additional 20mm padding for added protection. Custom Branding options are also available.

Learn more about QIKPAK™
qikpak Wrap-around mailer boxes

Desiccants, Dunnage & Ice Packs

If it’s about removing moisture, preserving products in storage or keeping products in temperature controlled settings, we have the product for your situation and needs. From Dunnage Bags to Dessicants, Gel Ice Packs and Insulated pallet covers. Safeguard your cargo with confidence!

Container Desiccants

Need to remove moisture? Look no further than our Container Desiccants –  protecting moisture-sensitive products from degradation or destruction caused by humidity.

They are a cheap solution to dealing with moisture and reducing the chances of rust.

Available in small pouches and container hangers. Stock Sizes available.

Container Desiccant

Silicia Gel

We also have available our Silicia Gel product – a effective, small, portable and economical product.

Assists in absorbing and trapping moisture from the air, lowering the humidity and preventing the formation of mould, condensation & rust.

silica gel supplies

Dunnage Bags & Inflator Gun Tool

Dunnage Bags are reusable bags used for protecting your goods during shipping and transit.

Our stock of Dunnage Bags features an extremely high wet strength.

They are made from high textile Kraft paper with a 3-layer polyethylene lining.

Accessories for use with Dunnage Bags are also available at Gilmores including:

  • Container Desiccant
  • Silica Gel

As well as, the practical Inflator Gun –  with a Pistol grip used for inflating Dunnage Bags.

dunnage bags
Dunnage Bags Inflator tool

Gel Ice Packs

Avoid water leakage and damage to stock from regular ice packs with a gel alternative.

Ice-Pax is made with gel inside a leak-proof bag. They are especially ideal for the Food Industry.

Available as a bubble or plain bag.

Protective Packaging

Thermo Cover

ThermoCover is an insulated pallet cover made from a highly efficient, cost-effective and versatile material.

ThermoCover allows you to ship temperature-sensitive products, protecting your items and cuts fuel costs by drastically reducing the need for refrigeration

For more information, read our ThermoCover – insulated pallet cover blog.

Learn more – ThermoCover blog

Product Protection

Protect your individual products with our protective packaging. Designed to keep your products safe and secure during shipping and handling.  Plus with this extra layer of protection, it gives you peace of mind knowing that your items are well-protected & that they will arrive to their destination in perfect condition.

Tissue Paper

Wrap and protect fragile products and delicate items with our premium quality tissue sheets.

They are acid-free and help prevent tarnishing.

tissue paper

Cardboard Rolls

Looking to wrap irregularly shaped items?

Our corrugated cardboard is single-faced and is an economical option to protect products from impact and vibration damage.

Available in different widths and comes as a roll.

corrugated cardboard protective packaging

Carton Liners

A wide range of protective carton products is available at Gilmores.

Our Pallet Protector Pads are an excellent option for protecting your goods from nails, wood, dirt and slight moisture – keeping your products clean and sealed.

Carton Liners are also available which are ideal for protecting the contents of your cardboard boxes and preventing leakages.

Our Carton Liners are suitable for the food industry as they are made with HPDE material,

Want to reuse your marked cartons?

Save money by reusing old cartons with Carton Cover Spray: a fast-drying permanent paint that conceals unwanted marks.

carton liners protective packaging
carton cover spray

Protective Netting

A heavy duty, extruded polythene tubular netting & is resistant to acids and solvents.
It also provides a sleeve which moulds to the shape of the item.

The fluoro orange-coloured crayon is sensor-recognisable with some automatic saws and dockers.

Available in 4 colours & in packs of 12. Call our friendly team for special prices on Bulk Buys!

protective netting
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Protective Packaging Materials

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