Packing Machinery for Stretch Wrapping, Strapping, Shrink Wrap, Carton Sealing, Paper Banding

Packaging Machinery

Let Gilmores help you operate more efficiently with high-speed and heavy-duty packing machinery.

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Packaging Machinery

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Shrink & Stretch Wrap Machines

Wrap your pallets in no time with our semi automatic Stretch Wrap machines! With our Shrink Wrap machines you can simultaneously film seal and shrink under transparent hood.

Strapping Machinery

We stock automatic and semi automatic Strapping machines plus our heavy duty machines are suitable for different applications and industries.

Carton & Paper Machines

Our Carton Sealing & Paper Banding Machines quietly operate & yet have high speed & quality output – designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards.

Packing Machinery

Stretch Wrap Machinery

Wrap large products on pallets quickly and more easily with a semi-automatic stretch wrap machine.

Designed and manufactured with the highest quality standards, these semi-automatic stretch wrap machines from Lantech and Extend makes handling and wrapping pallets more convenient: simply load the pallet on the speed-adjustable turntable.

stretch wrap machinery

Packaging Machinery – in action

Strapping Machinery

Our range of automatic and semi-automatic pallet strapping machines are mobile which allow for convenient application wherever you may need it.

We have a variety of heavy-duty, high-speed strapping machines for different applications and industries from:

  • Extend
  • Transpak
  • Band-A-Matic.

Various machines can be operated and controlled by hand, table roller or foot pedal.

strapping machinery

Shrink Wrap Machines

Chamber Shrink Wrap Machines simultaneously seal and shrink film under a transparent hood.

Our stock of Shrink Wrap Machine from Extend features a heavy-duty ceramic cutter holder and is mounted on castors which makes it easy to move and relocated your machine.

Shrink Wrap Machine

Carton Sealing Machines

Our stock of Carton Sealing Machine from Extend is designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards.

It features an adjustable leg height, removable in and out-feed conveyors an operating speed of 23 metres per minute – just to name a few.
It operates quietly and has an automatic adjustment for height and width.

Available products:

  • Uniform Carton Sealing Machine
  • Stainless Steel Uniform Carton Sealing Machine
  • Random Carton Sealing Machine
Carton Sealing Machines
Carton Sealing Machines

Paper Banding Machines

Wrap bundles of hand-sized products instantly and securely with the Paper and Film Tape Banding Machine from Akebono.

This high-speed banding machine performs at up to 30 cycles per minute.
It can be used in a variety of food and non-consumable industries such as:

  • printing and graphics,
  • banking
  • pharmaceutical.

A jumbo dispenser is available as an add-on option.

paper banding machine
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