A large variety of packaging and specialty tapes and adhesives

Packaging and Speciality Tapes

Gilmores offers a large variety of packaging and specialty tapes and adhesives for all kinds of applications. From clear tapes to heavy-duty tapes, glue guns and warning labels – we’ve got it all.

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Specialty tapes and adhesives.

3M Adhesive Spray

Adhere heavy-duty surfaces together with 3M’s high-strength adhesive sprays. Our range of adhesive sprays will bond most materials and are buildable in strength. We also stock 3M’s Adhesive Cleaner and Solvent for cleaning and prepping surfaces and removing residue.

Anti-Slip and Safety Tapes

Create a safe workspace and protect your workers from hazards with our range of anti-slip treads and safety tapes. Make hazardous areas and spaces more visible with reflective tape, floor marking tape and barrier tape; and prevent accidents on slippery surfaces, especially stairs and entrances with anti-slip treads and tape.

Bag Sealers

Seal poly bags using a Bag Sealer and Tape. Our high-quality PVC bagging tape comes in a wide range of colours and the durable metal dispenser tapes and cuts in one motion.

Cloth Tape

Our range of strong Cloth Tapes includes:

  • Standard Cloth tape in various colours and Vinyl-Coated Black Tape – waterproof, hand-tearable and suitable for bookbinding, industrial use and repair work;
  • Double-sided Cloth Tape – hand-tearable with a high-strength adhesive and is white with a yellow lining. Ideal for use in carpet laying, mounting and many other industrial applications;
  • Exhibition Tape – exhibition-approved cloth tape with clean removal and is also a great solution for temporary laying of carpet tiles

Dangerous Goods Labels

Dangerous Goods TapeIdentify dangerous goods and comply with safety standards using Dangerous Goods Labels and Warning Labels. Our Dangerous Goods Labels are available in 4 different sizes with 8 variations.

We also stock Printed Tape Warning Labels which are laminated fluoro labels on a roll. They’re durable and are the cheapest form of warning labels. We have 6 messages available, with 500 labels per roll.

Tape Dispensers

Apply tapes with ease using a tape dispenser. We have a wide range of Tape Dispensers available at Gilmores. From sturdy, low-cost Bench Top Tape Dispensers to Extra Wide Pistol Grip Dispensers – we have it all.

Double sided cloth tapeDouble-Sided Tape

Our extensive range of Double-Sided Tape will help you invisibly adhere surfaces together. Our stock includes:

  • Double-Sided Cloth Tape
  • Exhibition Tape – Exhibition-approved cloth tape which is also great for layering carpet tiles temporarily
  • Plate Mounting Tape – Used by flexographic and label printers for mounting rubber or photopolymer plates onto printing cylinders
  • High-Density Foam Glazing Tape – widely used in the glass industry
  • Double-Sided Tissue Tape – in premium grade and general-purpose
  • Acribond Tape – acrylic foam tape with long-lasting acrylic, pressure-sensitive adhesive
  • Double-Sided Adhesive Coated Polyester – clear tape with red liner
  • Double-Sided Foam Tape – great for laminating and mounting EPDM and rubber materials
  • Double-Sided Coated Foam Tape – ideal for mounting signs, metal and plastic trim

Duct Tape

Our stock of heavy-duty PVC Duct Joining Tape is lead-free and ideal for use in construction and those in the building and air conditioning trades. Available as 48mm x 30m x 0.13mm in silver and black.

We also have Reinforced Aluminium Foil Tape, a high-shear pressure-sensitive adhesive made from polyethylene film.

Filament TapeFilament Tape

Bundle large quantities of products with Filament Tape. We have Cross Weave and One-Way Filament Tapes which are made from super strong polypropylene tape to tackle any heavy-duty applications.

Electrical Tape

We stock Nitos’ PVC Electrical Tape which features a natural rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive that provides a long-term bond and prevents flagging. The tape moulds well with irregular surfaces and unwinds smoothly for easy application and use. Available in black, blue, white, red, and green/yellow.

Hook & Loop

Our stock of Adhesive Hook and Loop Dots and Tapes are available in black and white.

Adhesive Hook and Loop Dots come in 2 diameters: 15mm and 22mm. These Adhesive Dots are on continuous tape for easy application.

Adhesive Hook and Loop Tape are two-part tapes available in both adhesive and sew-on.

Fragile Tape

Protect your goods in transit with Printed Warning Tapes. Our stock of Premium PVC Tapes comes in white and fluoro orange and bulks of 36 and 48 rolls. Available messages:

  • Fragile
  • Urgent
  • Handle With Care
  • Top Load Only
  • Security Seal
  • Refrigerate
  • Glass With Care

Hot Glue Gun

Quickly bond surfaces permanently with an industrial-grade Hot Melt Glue Guns from H.B. Fuller. Hot Melt Glue Sticks are available in bulks of 34 sticks – in yellow and clear.

Machine Tape

At Glimores, we stock Machine Tapes from Stylus, Tesa, Vibac, 3M and Ultimus. Premium-grade 30 micron tapes are available in 3 different adhesives and 5 sizes:

  • Rubber Solvent Adhesive Tape
  • Hotmelt Adhesive Tape
  • Acrylic Adhesive Tape

We also have automatic carton sealing machines available.

Masking Tape

Masking Tape from Ultimus is a great solution for general-purpose masking applications. Made from quality paper tape, it has a strong solvent adhesive and excellent holding power.

For painters, Ultimus’s Blue Masking Tape is a premium quality paper tape that has an easy and clean removal for up to a week and good holding power.

Specialised Masking Tapes are also available on request at Gilmores, including automotive grades for the Smash Repair industry.

Packaging Tape

Our extensive range of packaging from Vibac, Tesa, Stylus, 3M and Ultimus will give you a lot of options to choose from for any of your packing application needs, whether it be for light or heavy-duty packing. From general-purpose Packaging Tape to Rubber Solvent and Hotmelt Adhesive Tape – we have it all. We also stock Kraft Carton Sealing Tape and a variety of extra-wide packaging tape.

Stationery TapeStationery Tape

Looking to stock up on office stationery? We stock Stationery Tape in bulks of 6, 8 and 12 rolls as well as weighted Stationery Tape Dispensers for easy application and use. Suitable for general office, workshop, despatch and warehouse use.

Strapping Tape

Bundle and strap heavy parcel or pallets with Strapping Tape. Our stock of premium-grade polypropylene tape is ideal for palleting and bundling and features high tensile strength.

Custom Printed Tapes and Labels

Stand out in the crowd with Custom Printed Tape. At Gilmores, we can custom print tape with your logo and company details to improve and increase your brand awareness. Print up to 3 colours with your choice of PVC or polypropylene tape; logo colour-matching is also available.