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Marking and Identification

We have a wide range of marking pens, line-marking paint, Textas and stencils suitable for a variety of surfaces.

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Line Marking & Survey Paint

Mark your desired area or item with our great range of marking paint, spray paint, stencil sprays & more.

Marking Pens

Quality selection of marking pens, ball markers, texta’s & crayons to clearly mark your products!

Identification Tags & Products

Avoid mislabeling and improve workflow with our metal shipping tags, printed tags and labels.

Line Marking & Spot Marking Paint

Our line marking and spot marking paint range provides accurate and long-lasting markings for various applications. We believe in delivering products that help improve safety and efficiency across workplaces – mark your path with precision.

Line Marking Paint and Machine

Ultra Color’s Line Marking Paint is a specially formulated and fast-drying acrylic paint that marks long-lasting lines. We have 8 colours of Line Marking Paint available and in bulks of 12 cans.

Ideal for creating line markings in warehouses and carparks, these are usable with Line Marking Machines and Hand-Held Line Markers.

We stock Line Marking Machines supplied with a windshield, directional arrows and marking wheels for creating accurate lines and adjustable line widths.

For a lighter and smaller application, the Hand Held Line Marker is a two-wheel marker ideal for tight corners and round / curve marking.

For temporary marking, we have floor marking tapes available as well.

Line Marking Machine

Spot Marking Paint

Easily mark small areas with Spot Marking Paint – a fast and convenient hand-held marking paint fitted with a one-piece trigger cap.

Also known as Survey Paint, Spot Marking Paint is designed to be used upside-down and is available in 8 vibrant fluoro and plain colours.

spot marking paint

Spray Paint

Write ’N Mark Paint from Ultra Color is ideal for marking timber.

It’s designed for a 360° upright-spray application and is available in 8 colours:

  • White
  • Fluoro pink
  • Fluoro orange
  • Fluoro green
  • Fluoro yellow
  • Fluoro red
  • Blue
  • Black
Write ‘N Mark Spray Paint

Stencil Spray

Need to colour code products in your warehouse? The Stencil Spray from Ultra Color is specially formulated for stencilling applications and comes in a wide range of colours – available in packs of 12 cans

For a more specific application on surfaces, the Carton Cover Spray is a fast-drying permanent paint that conceals unwanted marks on old cartons.

Save money by re-using your old cartons and make them look new with Carton Cover Spray.

Stencilling Spray Ink


Poly stencils are great for use in Carparks and Warehouses. Use with stencil spray.

We stock 8 varieties and sets of stencils such as:

  • Disabled Sign Stencil,
  • Feet Stencil,
  • Number and Letter Stencil.
poly stencils

Marking Pens

Clearly mark your products or different surface types like glass, timber and steel with our Marking Pens. Our range offers permanent or temporary options from popular brands like Texta, Pentel and Dy-Mark to name a couple.

Marking Pens

Mark almost any surface such as glass, plastic, rubber and metal with our extensive range of permanent markers. We have permanent and waterproof markers from Pilot and Pentel and fast-drying, permanent paint markers from Pentel in 5 different colours.

Our range of permanent markers includes:

  • Pentel Paint Markers
  • Pilot Jumbo Markers
  • N50 / N60 Markers
  • NX50 Retractable Marker
  • Maxiflo Permanent Markers
  • X100W White Markers
Marking Pens


The permanent, instant-drying markers from Texta writes on almost any surface. The ink is waterproof and comes as a bullet or chisel-point marker – in black, blue, red or green.

Available in packs of 12.

Red Textas
Texta Marker Pens


Looking for an economical method for marking timber, concrete or bitumen?

Lumber Crayons from Leviathan are great options that are available in 6 colours:

  • black,
  • red,
  • white,
  • yellow,
  • blue and
  • fluoro orange.

The fluoro orange-coloured crayon is sensor-recognisable with some automatic saws and dockers. Available in packs of 12.

leviathan lumber crayons

Ball Marker

Permanently mark steel, timber and tyre surfaces with a Ball Marker from Dy-Mark. The marker is made up of a refillable Ball Marker case with a 4mm tip and paint refills available in yellow, white and red.

This refillable Ball Marker has light and fast-drying ink and features a unique spring-loaded ball writing head valve.

For a more heavy-duty option, the D90 Refillable Marker is also available.

Refillable Ballmarker and D90 Refillable Marker

Identification Tags & Products

Enhance workflow efficiency and avoid unnecessary mislabeling with our ID tags and products. Available in a range of materials and sizes to support different applications.

Tags and Labels

Label your products without making a permanent mark with printed tags.

We stock pre-printed information tags, available in vinyl and cardboard materials. They have reinforced eyelet for extra strength and easily write on with a permanent marker.

Descriptions available:

  • Information
  • Out of Service
  • Danger

We can also custom print tags to suit your exact requirements with your company logo.

Printed tags identification

Metal Shipping Tags

Our metal tags are supplied with wire ties for east attachment.

They can be embossed with a ball point pen, and will not rust.

metal shipping tag

Shipping Tags

Grab our cost effective manilla postage tags ideal for parcels or parts – great way to stay on top of orders and avoid mishaps. They have reinforced eyelet for extra strength and each box comes with 1000 tags.

See our Flooring Marking Tapes
See our Labels range
printed tags
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Marking and Identification

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