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Health and Safety Equipment

We are the stockist for a large variety of health and safety equipment such as first aid kits, personal protective gear, bollards and more.

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Health and Safety Equipment

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Barriers & Safety Signage

Extensive range will ensure your staff & workplace is safe – from bollards, chains, barriers tapes, signs, and more.

Safety Apparel & Protective Wear

Our quality range will offer the necessary personal protection needed to work safely. From first-aid kits, dust masks, safety vests, gloves and more.

Safety Equipment, Storage & Transport

We stock everything from spill kits, mats, crates, ladders, trolleys, order pickers, pallet jacks and more.

Health and Safety Equipment Products

Safety Equipment

All the safety equipment your workplace needs for a safe working environment is available here at Gilmores. Prevent accidents and highlight hazards in your warehouse and around the workplace with site safety equipment such as:

Plastic Barrier Chains, Barrier Tape & Portable Expanding Barriers

We have a number of options to cordon off areas. Our Plastic Barrier Chains provides excellent visibilty for hazardous areas – to be used with plastic T bollards.

Our quality barrier tape is ideal for:

  • roadworks
  • construction
  • building sites

Available in 3 styles. Pricing on bulk buy purchases available, get in touch.

Our Expanding Barrier expands to 6.7m long and stands 1430mm high, which is great for warehouse entry areas.

The Portable Expanding Barriers are an cost-effective option – it expands to 3.2m long x 950mm high.

Ideal for:

  • carpark
  • warehouse areas
plastic barrier chain
barrier guard expanding portable
Barrier guard expanding

Plastic bollard & Traffic Cones

Our plastic Bollard & Traffic Cones are ideal for:

  • carpark
  • warehouse areas
  • spaces that have risk (i.e spills)

Plastic bollards are cost-effective option.

Our Traffic Cones are high quality PVC, and available in reflective and non-reflective.

traffic cones
plastic t bollards

Industrial Pedestal Fans Marker

We stock quality Australian made fans – ideal for those hot summer days.
Tilt and height adjustable with 3 speeds.

Available in 3 popular sizes.
Wall mounted types also available.

industrial pedestal fan
wall mounted fan industrial

Fire Extinguishers and Fire Signs

Ensure your workplace is safe with our Fire Extinguishers. ABE dry chemical powder. Used to extinguish: Solids – waste, timber etc, electrical and flammable liquids. It comes complete with brackets.

Great for use in:

  • Workshops
  • Warehouses
  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Mining
  • Many other industrial areas

We also stock Fire Blankets.

Our quality Fire Signs clearly mark and identify fire emergency areas. Made from poly material.
Range of descriptions available:

  • Fire Door Do Not Block
  • Fire Hose Reel
  • Fire Hydrant
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Fire Alaim
  • And More
fire extinguishers
fire extinguisher
fire signs
fire blanket
fire signs

Safety Glasses & Lens Wipes

We stock a range of Safety Glasses to suit any needs & demands.

Features include:

  • Anti – Scratch Lens
  • Stylish, wrap around/frame lens designs
  • 99.9% UV protection for outdoor wear
  • Complies with AS/NZS 1337:1992
  • Pheonix comes with adjustable arms
  • Visitor glasses can be worn over other glasses

With our Lens Wipes, there will be no longer any excuse for dirty surfaces.
They are pre-moistened wipes and are non scratch & anti fog properties.

Ideal on a number of surfaces:

  •  LCD monitors
  • Camera lenses
  • Eyewear Protection range
safety glasses
lens clean wipes

Entrance Mats – Ribbed and Flat

Our Ribbed Entrance mats are effective and economical mat – perfect for medium traffic areas.

Features include:

  • Attractive bi-level construction traps dirt
  • Coarse fibres scrape dirt & debris from shoes
  • Solution dyed to prevent fading
  • Easy to Clean
  • Dries quickly
  • Available in 5 colours – Red, Green, Brown, Blue, Pepper.

The Flat Entrance mats are suitable for indoor and outdoor use – all weather construction.

Features include:

  • Surface of the mat is always clean and dry
  • Collects tracked in dirt and water
  • Popular in entrance-ways – helps protect your floor
  • Available in 5 colours – Black, Grey, Brown, Blue, Red
ribbed entrance mats
flat entrance mats

Anti Fatigue Mats – Workmate, Ribbed Cushion, Diamond Foot & True Grip Features

The features of our Workmate Mats includes:

  • Popular general purpose safety mat
  • Comfort non-slip mat
  • Bevelled edges-  for safety
  • Optional grease resistant formula

Ideal for factories, kitchens, food preparation areas, boats and behind counters.

The features of our Ribbed Cushion Mats includes:

  • Rugged, durable closed cell vinyl
  • Sponge anti fatigue matting
  • Comfortable cushion surface with non slip ribs and bevelled edges
  • Can be cut to desired shape
  • Easy to clean

Ideal for use in warehouses, counters, checkouts or any dry area.

The features of our Diamond Foot Mats includes:

  • Slip resistant, hard wearing and chemical resistant surface
  • Yellow safety border (optional)
  • Resilient sponge base to enhance comfort
  • NGB – will not delaminate

Ideal for dry areas including warehouse and workstations.

The features of our True Grip Mats includes:

  • Slip resistant, hard wearing and chemical resistant surface
  • Raised mat for wet and slippery areas
  • Raised mat for maximum grip
  • Open slots to allow drainage
  • Nitrile rubber compound to resist oils & fats.
  • Bevelled edges for safety.

Specialised & Custom Made Matting is also available.

Give us a call, so we can discuss your requirements.

anti fatigue mats
anti fatigue mats
anti fatigue mats

Chair Mats

Looking for an quality solution to protect your carpeted or hard floors from Computer Chairs?

Our quality Chair Mats are available in two popular sizes.  Smooth mats are also available for hard floors.

Saving your floors will no longer be an issue!

chair mats

Convex Mirrors – Outdoor and Indoor

Our industrial quality Outdoor Convex Mirrors will improve safety and protect your property.

They are great for intersections with poor visibility, sharp bends, obscured entry-exit locations, carparks and where heavy trucks or forklifts are in operation.

Impact resistant acrylic face.
Available in wall mount and post mount.

Our quality Indoor Convex Mirrors are great for warehouses with blind corners to avoid forklift or other heavy machinery collisions.

These mirrors are ideal for blind corners and corridor intersections, like in hospitals, schools, factories and offices, wherever busy people come and go – there is a risk of collision and injury.

Convex mirrors help prevent accidents. They let you see around corners and over obstacles.

Impact resistant acrylic face.
Available in 4 sizes for wall mount.

outdoor convex mirrors
indoor convex mirrors

Pallet Truck/Jack and Hydraulic Lift Table

The Hand Pallet Truck has three position control handle (lowering, lifting, neutral).

Robust construction – 2500kg capacity.
Available in fork widths 685mm and 520mm.

Our Hydraulic Lift Table ideal as an adjustable height table or workbench. Commonly used for stacking and transferring goods.

Heavy duty construction 500kg capacity.
Table size: 815mm x 500mm x 50mm.
Lifting height: 880mm.

hand pallet truck
hydraulic lift table

Heavy Duty Plastic Crates

Our plastic crates are strong, robust and suitable for many applications. All crates are food grade.

Crates can stock on top of each other one way & nest together the other way.

4 Crate colours are available:

  • Blue
  • Red
  • Natural
  • Black
plastic crates
plastic crates

Plastic Mega Bins, Heavy Duty Hygiene Pallet & Vipallet

Our strong Plastic Mega Bins available in solid and vented.

They are vapable of holding up to half a ton and has the same footprint dimensions as an Australian pallet.

Ideal for the fruit industry.

The Heavy Duty Hygiene Pallet is specially made for the food and pharmaceutical industry.


  • Weight: 34kg
  • Capacity: Static – 8000kg
  • Beam Racking – 2000kg

Our Vipallet is ideal for food and a number of industries, such as:

  • Grocery
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Printing
  • Beverage
  • Many other industrial applications


  • Weight: 16.8kg
  • Capacity: Static – 4000kg
  • Beam Racking – 1000kg
plastic mega bins
heavy duty hygiene pallet

Bunded Pallet & Bulk Containment Storage System

Need to transport chemicals or hazardous goods that can hold significant weight?

Our Bunded Pallets are heavy duty construction with removable grate.

  • 2 and 4 drum pallets for chemicals or hazardous goods.
  •  Pallet truck and forklift entry.
  • Pallets can be stacked for storage and transport.

We stock Bulk Containment Storage System that are heavy duty, rust free polyethylene.

  •  1000L capacity
  • Dual IBC model also available.
  • Pallets can be stacked for storage and transport
bunded pallets
bulk containment storage system

Tie Down Ratchet Straps

Need to secure your load fast & effectively?

Our Industrial Ratchet Straps are ideal for fast and secure load restraint.

2 types available:

  • 25mm x 5m – rating 400kg
  • 36mm x 9m – rating 1250kg
ratchet straps

Signs – Safety, Warning, Security, Mandatory, First Aid, Danger, Fire, General, Prevent Injury, Information, Prohibition

We stock an extensive range of quality Signs – supporting all needs to keep your workplace safe.

Our Warning & Security signs are made in poly material. Size: 300mm wide x 450mm long.

Some examples include Keep Clear, Beware of Vehicles, Tripping Hazard, Guard Dogs, No Entry, 24 Hour Surveillance, and more.

Our Mandatory & First Aid Signs are great to indicate health and safety hazards & clearly mark and identify emergency areas. The signs are made from poly material and the Mandatory signs also available in metal (for MS10).

Some examples include Eye Protection, Gloves Must Be Worn, This Protective Equipment Must, First Aid, Emergency Shower, Emergency Telephone and more.

Our range of Danger Signs are ideal to advise of dangers on your site. Made in poly material.

Some examples include Flammable Goods, No Smoking, Do Not Enter, Look Out, High Voltage, Watch Out For Trucks, Construction Site Do Not Enter and more. We also stock Fire Signs (see above).

Our range of quality General Signs are suitable of many office & warehouse uses. While our Prevent Injury Signs are perfect in the warehouse environment where heavy lifting is involved. Made in poly material.

Some examples include Visitors Parking, Reserved, Staff Only, Keep Door Closed, Toilets, Move Your Feet, Use Machines, Do Not Climb and more.

Our versatile Information Signs can be used across any workplace. These quality signs are mostly made in poly material except where indicated.

Some examples include Ladies, No Access, Site Office, All Accidents Must Be Reported To Your… and more.

Our range of Prohibition Signs are great for getting a message across by not only text but images also. Made in poly material.

Some examples include No Smoking Beyond This Point, Do Not Litter, Mobile Phones Prohibited, No Entry Authorised… and more.

warning signs
security signs
mandatory signs
mandatory signs
first aid signs
information signs

Spill Kits

40L & 120L Spill Kits – ideal for containing all liquid spillage. Ideal for all work places & industries.

Our Universal spill kit that’s packed with a unique mix of universal absorbents for use in any industry. All contents needed are included in the kit – 240L spill kits.

Our Opti-Sorb Kit is great for fuels, oils, solvents and other hydrocarbon based liquids on contact.

Universal spill kit packed with a unique mix of universal absorbents for use in any industry. Opti-Sorb – 20L (bucket) & Opti-Sorb – 30L (bag) available.

Ideal for:

  • Road Transport Spills
  • Mining and Exploration
  • Fabrication Shops
  • Civil Works
  • Chemical Storage
  • Marine Spills
240L spill kit

Hand and Platform Trolleys, Order Pickers, Ladders & Folding Safety Cage

Need to move or get to products easily?

We stock a number of Hand Trolleys & Platform Trolleys.
Some examples include: Standard 2 Wheel Trolley, Stair Climber Trolley, 150kg Platform Trolley, Heavy Duty Platform Trolley, and more.

Our Order Picking Trolley holds 250kg capacity and is powder coated finish, with optional accessories.

Our Warehouse Order Pickers are quality Australian made & made to Australian Standard: AS1892.1.
Comes complete with safety gate, and 4 wheels with spring-loaded casters for easy maneuverability.

Our Step Ladders are a safe way to get out-of-reach places. Available in plastic and metal versions.

Our Folding Safety Cage is designed to carry 2 people (up to 250kg). Collapsible design which is easy to assemble.
Complies with Aust safety standards. AS-2359-1.

order picking trolley
hand trolleys


Lightweight, high strength emergency stretcher specially designed for first aid emergencies, first aid rooms and industrial sites.
Dual fold stretcher for compact storage. Folds neatly & compact into a carry bag.

stretcher folding
Stretcher health and safety equipment

Personal Protective Gear

With our extensive range of high-quality protective gear, you can ensure that you have all the personal equipment everyone needs to operate safely.
From Protective Rubber Gloves to Safety Vests – we have it all:

Sunscreen, Band-aids , First Aid Kits & Eye Wash Station

Sun protection is no issue with our very high UV protection and 4 hour water resistant range Suncreen range. It screens out UVA & UVB Rays. Easy to apply & different sizes available.

We stock a range of First Aid Kits to suit many needs & purposes.
Examples include:

  • First Aid Car Kit – Class C Kit
  • Portable First Aid Tool Box – Class B Kit
  • Wall Mountable First Aid Kit – Class A & B Kits
  • Trauma Emergency First Aid Kit – Class B Kit

You can also access our First Aid Refills – 12 varieties available.
Some examples include Bandaids, Antiseptic Cream, Bandages, Eye/Wound Wash and more.

Our wall mountable Eye Wash Station is popular in workplaces. It includes 2 large 472ml bottles of sterile eyewash. Refills available.

sunscreen lotion
first aid car kit

Hair Nets, Beard & Disposable Coveralls, Oversleeve & Shoe Covers

Looking to cover hair, shoes & other areas?

Our Hair Nets are non woven circular style & come in round or crimped style. They are elasticised, breathable and economical, and come in 3 colours: White, Blue & Green.

Our Beard Covers are double loop which attaches around the ears, and are non woven. They come in White and Blue.

Our Disposable Coveralls comes in 2 types:

  • Single layer lightweight disposable coverall. Elasticised hood, wrist and ankles. Great for the construction and pharmaceutical industry.
  • Chemical liquid and blood penetration resistance. Breathable and water resistant. Fully elastic hood, wrists, waist & ankles.

Our Oversleeve Covers are single use and waterproof. Ideal for those in the food industry applications. Blue available.

Our Shoe Covers comes in 2 types:

  • Light weight waterproof & non linting shoe covers. Blue available.
  • Premium quality non slip shoe covers. White and Blue available.
hair nets
beard covers
disposable coveralls

Dust Masks, Half Mark Respiratory & Ear Muffs/Plugs

Our P1 and P2 masks approved to Australian Standards. P2 has a valve for easy breathing.  Lightweight and comfortable.

If you are needing that extra protection, our Half Mark Respiratory Kit is just the thing!
Great for the painting, chemical and construction industry.

Need Ear Protection?
We have 2 types of Ear Muffs available – Viper & Cobra Ear Muffs. Plus we stock Disposable Ear Plugs – Comfortable and clean hearing protection for noisy environments. With corded and uncorded available.

We also have Ear Plugs Dispenser & Refill Bags available.

dust mask
half mask respirator

Hard Hats, Safety Vests, Aprons & Raincoats

We have you covered from top to bottom with our protective range!

Our Hard Hats have 6 point harness and are an essential construction wear. They are vented which prevents perspiration build up. Available in white.

We offer Custom printing for your hard hats – add your company logo – Call us today for pricing!

Our Safety Vests  are highly visible fluoro made from breathable lightweight material.

Features include:

  • Available in orange and yellow
  • Velcro front closure
  • Available in “day” or “day/night”
  • Available in sizes: M, L, XL, XXL
  • Custom Printing Available

Our Aprons come in 2 types – Low Density & Heavy Duty PVC.

The Low Density Aprons are lightweight and economical – made from
low density polyethylene.  Available in white. Ideal for food industry applications.

The Heavy Duty PVC Aprons have metal eyelets, and are ideal for the meat industry.
Available in blue and white.

Our Yellow PVC Raincoats comes with elastic cuffs and two large pockets. Sizes available: Medium to X-Large. Both Raincoat types comes with a hood with drawstring. Trousers are available for one Raincoat type.

hard hat white
hard hats custom print
safety vests


Needing hand protection?

We have an exhaustive range of Gloves – suiting all needs, industries & material-types.

From quality natural rubber latex,  powder free or low powder vinyl gloves to gloves designed for handling sharp steel products, glass, brick and more.

Our range covers:

  • Knitted Poly Cotton Gloves
  • Black Panther Gloves
  • Dynapro Gloves
  • Glass Gripper Gloves
  • Lite Grip Gloves
  • Super Guard Blue Gloves
  • Leather Work Gloves
  • Leather Riggers Gloves
  • PVC Gloves
  • Chemgard Nitrile Gloves
  • Welder Gloves
  • ArcticPro Gloves
  • ProFit Gloves
  • Blue Vinyl Examination Gloves
  • Clear Vinyl Examination Gloves
  • Latex Examination Gloves
  • Nitrile Disposable Gloves
  • Silver Lined Gloves

Pyromate Welding Jacket & Procomfort Knee Pads

Our Pyromate Welding Jacket has Heavy duty Kevlar stitching with chrome leather sleeves. Lightweight and cool. Available in 3 common sizes.

For extra protection and comfort, we stock Procomfort Knee Pads. Non-slip non-marking soft synthetic leather shells. Suitable for use on interior floors. Double neoprene straps provide secure, comfortable fit.

pyromate welding jacket
procomfort knee pads
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