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Gilmores has the solution for all your floor, wall, window and other surface protection needs.

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Floor Protection

Polywoven | Polycushion | Sticky Mat | Supabord

Walls, Windows,  Floors – All Surfaces
Construction Multiguard | Nitto Masking Tape

Industrial Sheets & Floor Underlay
Softwalk | Quiet Silver Tread | Hollowflute

Floor Protection – temporary solutions

Our quality range covers Construction Multiguard, Polywoven, Sticky Mat & more! Ideal for commercial, residential, construction/renovation projects.

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Walls, Windows, Floors & All Surfaces

Protecting surfaces like walls, benches, marble & stone has never been easy with our Polycushion & other option.

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Floor Underlay

Remove acoustic & moisture issues with our Floating Floor underlay range.

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Floor Protection

Our floor protection range offers the ideal protection with superior results. Easy to install and remove, providing a temporary solution for protecting your floors during events or renovations.  Prevents scratches, scuffs, and stains on flooring. Plus are versatile to suit different flooring types, sizes, and shapes, ensuring the right fit!

Construction Multi Guard

Construction Multi Guard is an excellent solution for protecting surfaces against abrasion, offering superior strength where maximum protection is needed.

Construction Multi Guard is Australian-made, water and dust-resistant and is made with a heavy-duty double laminate that is woven which prevents tearing.

Some features include:

  • Australian made
  • Water & dust resistant
  • Poly-foam membrane
  • Light weight
  • Non abrasive
Construction Multi Guard
Floor Protection Construction Multi-guard
Construction Multiguard floor protection Gilmores
Floor Protection Construction Multi-guard

Nitto’s 7288 Washi Masking Tape

Nitto’s 7288 tape has been developed for use on Australian Building and Construction sites.

Ideally used as the primary tape underlay to protect flooring & other substrates during the application, use and removal of floor protection sheets.

Features include:

  • Yellow Washi (Japanese flat paper)
  • Pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive
  • Thin and strong
  • Flexible, conformable and easily removed up to 60 days from application
  • Does not break when peeling off and unwinding
  • Easily torn by hand
  • Smooth top layer for safe and friendly hand pressure
  • Suitable on timber, aluminum, skirting, tile and other floor surfaces
  • No adhesive residue

Available sizes: 24mm, 36mm, 48mm and 72mm & in yellow.

nitto masking tape
temporary floor protection
temporary floor protection
temporary floor protection

Polywoven Floor Protection & Carpet Protection

Why is Polywoven Floor and Carpet Protection used widely around the world?

Polywoven Floor and Carpet Protection is a double-laminated, woven-reinforced material that protects valuable floor surfaces and prevents tarnishing during construction; one single flaw on a ‘premium’ product and its value can be changed to ‘rejected’.

Polywoven Floor and Carpet Protection feature an anti-slip surface for safety; is water and dust-resistant for interior applications and can be used for temporary on-site weatherproofing. Available in 1.83m x 100m.

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polywoven wide floor protection

Sticky Mat

Protect access points to your sites and carpeted areas with Sticky Mat.

An innovative multi-layered adhesive mat designed for:

  • industrial
  • commercial
  • residential sites

The mat has a sticky back to adhere to the floor and each sticky layer simply peels away once exhausted.

sticky mat
sticky mat


Supabord: Temporary Floor Protection – Economical flooring protection.

  • It is impact and spill resistant but rigid enough to roll out quickly.
  • Heavy duty, breathable and recyclable.
  • Suitable for timber coated floors, concrete and tiles.
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Supabord floor protection easy install
Supabord Installation Diagram

Walls, Windows & All Surfaces

Our Polycushion comes with all the flexibility needed for those tough jobs & offers many great features – ideal for superior temporary protection.  Ideal for protecting a range of surfaces – allowing you to get the job done while offering the right protection.

Poly Cushion Surfaces Protection | Floor and Carpet Protection

Polycushion provides the flexibility for today’s toughest jobs, offering superior strength where maximum protection is required.

It’s subtle enough to protect the most delicate surfaces such as:

  • polished timber floors,
  • marble floors
  • benchtops

Our stock of Australian-made Polycushion is foam-backed to prevent abrasion, water and dust-resistant and is 100% recyclable.

Download the Polycushion Flyer

Floor Underlay

Our Floor Underlay range provides optimal insulation and soundproofing, reducing noise and creating a more comfortable environment.  Easy to install and remove, allowing for flexibility and adaptability in different settings.

Softwalk & Quiet Silver Tread

We have a variety of floating floor underlay designed as cushioning for all floating floor applications.

Protect existing floor sub-straights from possible moisture and water damage with our Softwalk Floating Floor Underlay. SoftWalk is made from 2mm EPE foam and laminated with a moisture-resistant film.

Silvertread is a 2mm EPE foam underlay that is laminated to a metalised PE film to create superior moisture resistance.

It’s ideal for applications where the flooring sub-straight is located close to the terrain.

Much like Silvertread, Quiet Silvertread is a premium 3mm EPE foam underlay used for moisture resistance, while also reducing noise.

floating floor underlay
floating floor underlay


Our Hollowflute Industrial Sheets are ideal for:

  • Interleaving
  • Use as cover sheets
  • Cable Wraps
  • Packaging
  • Protective Wrapping
  • Pallet Bases

Available in 2.5mm to 10mm thickness, 350gsm to 2000gsm with a maximum width of 2400mm.

hollowflute packaging
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