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Product Spotlight: Temporary Floor Protection Products

Gilmores has been an industry name for over 30 years – providing quality, industrial packaging and construction products Australia-wide. Our cost-effective packaging solutions and innovative products have benefitted and supported the needs of many businesses across a range of industries.

Here’s a close up example of how

Renovations, and the logistics behind it. Whether you have a dedicated project team managing large scale office renovations or tradesmen at a suburban home, protecting flooring is a trying task and perhaps unachievable given the related pressures.

The renovated site is beaming with various tradies from painters, to tilers, plumbers and electricians all focused on getting their job done. You attempt to protect the floor with the standard available measures such as drop sheets – but find paint flecks and splatter, building dust and dirt, scratches from tools and machinery all compiling and damaging the floor.

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SupaBord review
Supabord floor protection Gilmores
Construction Multiguard floor protection Gilmores

While we can’t help with the logistics of managing tradies and ensuring the job gets done on the agreed time, we however, at Gilmores, are proud to say that we have innovative protective solutions for your floors, as well as walls, windows, benchtops and stairs. Floor protection will no longer be an issue for you, due to our tailored floor protection product range on hand.

Our Construction Multi Guard, Supabord, Polycushion and Foam Protector wrap products are the ultimate solution for protecting surfaces against abrasion and offering superior strength where maximum protection is needed.

These products are proudly Australian-made and from 100% recycled materials. They are made with the right balance of foam backing and double woven laminate which prevents tearing and abrasion on those delicate surfaces. This balance delivers a quality and premium product range for the temporary protection of your floors in commercial, residential, construction and renovation projects.

An ideal alternative to Corflute, the light-weight rolls allows them to be easily handled, suitable for quick and easy install, and their reusability perfect from project to project.

Supabord floor protection easy install
Supabord renovations floor protection

Proudly Australian-made and from 100% recycled materials.

Supabord Installation Diagram
Foam Protector Wrap
Foam protector wrap

Superior strength & both water / dust resistant

Our Construction Multi Guard, Supabord, Polycushion and Foam Protector wrap (pictured left) products are ideal for those high traffic areas due to their superior strength and are both water and dust resistant.

Further, they offer suitable protection on a range of surfaces and floor-types such as:

  • Tiles

  • Vinyl

  • Timber Floors

  • Bench Tops

  • Slate

  • Marble and Stone

  • Concrete

  • Carpet

  • Walls

Quality & Strength. Renovations floor protection.

No longer will floor protection be an issue and a costly replacement exercise!

Our Construction Multi Guard, Supabord, Polycushion (pictured right) and Foam Protector wrap products are the perfect solution to floor protection, as well as other surfaces needing protection during renovation projects. These perfect protective product solutions have removed your floor protection concerns and overall renovation pressures – allowing you to get on with the job. Explore further and get in touch with us today!


Gilmores is now part of the The UBEECO Group. This makes us a part of one of Australia’s largest industrial packaging companies, giving us the ability to offer you and your business a complete packaging solution.

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