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Product Spotlight: Custom Printed Packing Tape – your product will get noticed!

Businesses invest in Custom Printed Packaging Tape as the benefits far overweigh the out-of-pocket expenses. And those that have, were quite surprised that they didn’t need to pay a hefty premium for switching across. Let’s look at the (many) reasons and benefits in making the switch.

What is a custom printed packing tape?

Packing tape is an essential part of your product packaging, as it ensures your product is safe and secured while also sealing boxes and cartons efficiently. With custom printing, businesses can choose to print their logo, company name or specific wording – such as Fragile and Sensitive – and use different colours to get the brand noticed.

Design your own custom packing tape

Current Packaging Tape Statistics

The Packaging Tapes market has seen, and will continue to see, a rise in projected sales, with the Asia-Pacific region the fastest growing market. At Gilmores, we stock 4 out of the 5 major Packaging Tapes Market Leaders.

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The Retail, Food & Beverage, and other End-user Industries dominate the demand for Packaging Tapes due to a variety of factors, such as the growing consumption of packaged food and beverages. With the continued rise in online buyer activity, investing in custom printed packaging tapes is the right step for brand awareness.

e-Commerce Retail Sales, Sales Revenue (USD Trillion), Global

Source, Statista

Market Summary CAGR%

The increasing demand for the product in food and beverage application for branding, promoting and packaging activities is expected to drive growth over the next eight years.

Branding & Awareness

Printed packaging tapes can serve multiple purposes. While they’re securing your product packaging, they can also offer that visual pop your brand needs. Especially if you are currently using plain packaging!

Printed tape is an affordable and easy way to promote your business and get your brand noticed. You may be starting a new business, or have limited budget for custom branded packaging such as completely graphic designed lithographic boxes.

With custom printed tape, you can add your company logo, a promotional message, contact details and easily convert your plain packing tape into something that will be noticed by customers. Choosing the right combination of colour and design, you can guarantee your brand attracts attention.

Custom printed packing tapes
custom printed tapes

Running a specific marketing campaign?

Again, you can use custom print tape to capture this, further strengthening your brand exposure and the credibility of the campaign itself with bespoke tape enhancing that message.

Lastly, there is nothing more satisfying for a customer (like a kid in a candy shop) than ripping open their package. By having custom printed tape this positive experience-situation will be further cemented with your name, your brand.

Label Handle with care

Secure packing & packaging range

Quality and effective customer experiences are core elements to effective packaging; and receiving unsecured, damaged or tampered packages is not ideal for both the receiver and sender. At Gilmores, our quality custom printed tapes ensure the product successfully reaches its final destination. Switching to our reinforced custom packing tape guarantees your customers are never disappointed, as it saves you time and money, and enhances your credibility with your customer base.

Labelled tapes also assist companies internally, especially those involved in shipping, transporting, and manufacturing fragile or sensitive items. Investing in tapes with specific wording like fragile or sensitive, ensures unnecessary breakages, and smoother operational running processes and systems. This can reduce the probability of breakages from accidental mishandling of boxes, again saving your company time and money.

Common Types of Printed Warning Labels we stock:

  • Fragile
  • Urgent
  • Handle With Care
  • Top Load Only
  • Security Seal
  • Refrigerate
  • Glass With Care
custom printed warning tape

Additionally, there are companies who need different packaging sizes (i.e small, medium & large cardboard cartons) to accommodate a versatile product range. Custom printed packaging tape can easily and effectively be applied to these different sized boxes to enhance your branding, without needing to custom print on each of the separate box-sizes. Again, highlighting the tape’s multi-purpose and how it is a cost-effective investment in a range of situations.

The Benefits of Custom Printed Tape

  • Traceability

  • Cost-effective marketing

  • Brand awareness

  • Visibility

  • Versatility

  • Space saver

  • Secure packing

  • Cost effective investment

  • Reduced packaging costs

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custom printed tape gilmores
urgent warning labels
Common Questions Asked
Custom Printed Tape Specs / Sizing 48mm wide standard + range of other sizes available
Custom Printed Tape Materials Polypropylene Tape, PVC Tape, Filament Tape, Kraft paper
Types of Fonts & Logos Supply us with artwork (in EPS, Illustrator or good quality PDF)
Text Colours & Colour Range Up to 5 colours
Any colour (with PMS colour specified)
Tape Colours & Colour Range Any colour (with PMS colour specified)
Colour match / Smaller print run
If the colour required is not commonly used, or a small order of tape,
there may be an additional charge
Custom Tape Strength The strength is the same as other packaging tapes
Order Turnaround Generally, 2 to 3 weeks

Order your Custom Printed Tapes – you will enjoy the many benefits

Whatever the reasons for the switch, custom printed tapes offer businesses many benefits especially considering the initial low output costs. And when comparing to actual custom printed boxes, it is surprising many more businesses haven’t made to switch to custom printed tapes.

So whether you are starting up a business, looking to grow your operation through a new product range (and not yet ready to custom-print all the new boxes directly), or need to add some colour to your plain packaging: we can assist with our quality custom printed tapes.

As you have read Our Printed Tapes range are an easy, cost-effective & versatile item for you and your business arrangements.

Experience smoother logistics and greater savings. Get noticed with your own Custom Printed Packing Tapes.
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