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Cardboard Cartons Supplies

Gilmores has it all when it comes to your cardboard cartons & boxes and cardboard requirements.

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Cardboard Cartons

Large range of Cardboard Boxes, RSC, HSC, Laminated Board and much more.

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Cardboard Packaging

Our range covers Corrugated rolls, QIKPAK™, Pallet Pads, and much more.

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Heavy Industrial

Includes Heavy Duty corrugated, IBC – Bulk Containers & Cardboard pallets.

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Cardboard Cartons & Boxes

Our extensive range of Cardboard Cartons includes: Regular Slotted Carton, Half Slotted Cartons, Full Over Flap, Five Panel Folder, Die Cut, Heavy Duty, and Laminated Board / Lithographic boxes. Standard sizes and custom made options available.

RSC – Regular Slotted Carton

A Regular Slotted Carton is a standard cardboard box with flaps that need to be taped at the top and bottom.

RSC boxes are affordable and easy to find in stock sizes. Plus they are durable and reliable.

Some features includes:

  • Custom Made
  • Low Minimum Orders
  • Fast Turn Around
  • Australian Made
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Stock Sizes Available
Cardboard cartons RSC
Cardboard cartons RSC

HSC – Half Slotted Cartons

Half Slotted Cartons have an open top and a slotted base. A tray can be used as a lid and can be customised to fit your base. If not customised, the bases are great for hampers, storage bins, and picking boxes. HSC cartons can be made in small quantities, if required.

We offer competitive rates for any quantity you need, whether it is 20 or 2000.

Some features include:

  • Fast Turn Around
  • Short Runs
  • Custom Made
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Australian Made
Cardboard cartons RSC
Cardboard cartons HSC

FOF – Full Over Flap

The Full Over Flap box is similar to the RSC. However, instead of the flaps meeting in the middle, they double over each other. This design provides extra strength to the cardboard box – a great alternative to using twin cushion board!

FOF is a custom carton that can be made in as few as 200 units and delivered in 10 days. For larger orders of 20,000, it will take 2-3 weeks.

Some features includes:

  • Custom Made
  • Fast Turn Around
  • Short Runs
  • Double Layer Top & Base
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Australian Made

If you need more protection for your heavy shipments, we have several solutions available. Contact our packaging experts.

Full over Flap Cardboard Cartons
Full over Flap Cardboard Cartons

5PF – Five Panel Folder

The Five Panel Folder style is an open flat box with fold lines – a cost-effective option for packaging longer items. We can meet all types of requests from: urgent short runs to regular pallet loads.

Some features include:

  • Fast Turn Around
  • Alternative To Tubes
  • Short Run
  • Custom Made
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Australian Made

It offers the convenience of a custom-made box, but with some size limitations, so contact our packaging experts to work out the right choice for you. They can explain the available sizes and carry weights of the Five Panel Folder style.

5 Panel folder Cardboard Boxes Melbourne

Die Cut

We have wide variety of Die Cut Carton designs available for selection. Choice depends on: desired appearance and purpose of the Die Cut box.

One important factor to consider when using Die cut Cartons is the set up costs. The complexity of the style can increase the cost. However, die cutting and color printing can make your packaging stand out, which can assist boost sales by adding a “wow” factor for your customers.

Some features includes:

  • Stands out
  • Ideal For Gifts
  • Custom Made
  • Australian Made
  • 100% Recyclable
Die cut box Cardboard Melbourne
Die cut box Cardboard Melbourne

Laminated Board | Lithographic Boxes

Laminated boards are a great eco-friendly option as they eliminate the need for a separate plastic liner in cartons. Especially beneficial for food-related products, particularly in the meat and seafood industry. The use of laminated boards also allows for customised packaging while ensuring that the product is fully protected and secured.

Lithographic print, is commonly used in applications, such as pharmaceutical, food and beverage packaging, plus industrial and retail sectors. Available in variety of styles and print finishes, ranging from self-locking trays to a glossy varnish finish.

We produce high-quality printed packaging in a wide range of colours:

  • Corrugated – made up of one sheet of printed top sheet that is laminated onto corrugated board.
  • Folding carton – is made from solid fibre carton board.
  • Rigid cartons – the ideal keepsake box

We have standard laminated boards available in our warehouse and produce custom-made options with a quick turnaround time.

Some features include:

  • Ideal for food & pharmaceutical goods
  • No risk of product contamination
  • Product is fully protected
  • Custom made & Tailored printing
  • Affordable

Available prints: Matt laminated, Gloss varnish & Semi-gloss varnish

Laminated Board Lithographic boxes
Laminated Board Lithographic boxes
Laminated Board Lithographic boxes
lithographic corrugated boxes

Cardboard Packaging Products

Everything from Single Face, QIKPAK™ mailer range to Cardboard Pallets, Angleboards and Pallet Pads. We are your Single Source Packaging Supplier!

Single Face

Single face paper rolls, also known as Corrugated rolls, are essential for the protection and packaging of goods. These rolls are made up of a single layer of paper with exposed flutes, giving them high flexibility. They serve as a cost-effective option for protective packaging, void fillers, and mailing cartons.

We offer a variety of sizes in stock, but we can also create custom-made rolls to meet your specific needs.

Some features include:

  • Cost Effective
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible – Sold by the roll
  • Stock & Custom Made

Available size rolls: 900mm x 60m, 1200mm x 60m, 1500mm x 65m

Single Face Corrugated Cardboard rolls
Single Face Corrugated Cardboard rolls

QIKPAK™ Wrap-around mailer boxes

Available at Gilmores are the widely popular QIKPAK™ Wrap-around cardboard mailer boxes. Ideal for sending books, discs, LP records, DVDs and records to customers with ease. QIKPAK™ is assembled in a matter of seconds: wrap your product, peel the self-adhesive tape and then seal. QIKPAK™ Mailers feature a buffer zone of 20mm padding for added protection and Custom Branding is available!

Learn more about QIKPAK™
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QIKPAK Cardboard Mailers

Angle Boards

These cardboard packaging options are made from sustainably sourced materials and can be easily recycled.

The strength and cushioning performance of a corrugated box depend on various factors, such as: size, shape, and style of the box. Plus, the board grade and flute profile used.

These factors play a significant role in determining the level of protection provided by the corrugated carton. For best product protection, it’s important to select the appropriate board grade and flute profile (from the available standard options), which suit your specific product requirements.

Some features include:

  • Virgin & Recycled Board Available
  • Styles Selected Based On Application
  • Sustainably Sourced materials
  • Environmentally-friendly & Recyclable
Angle board Cardboard Cartons

Pallet Pads

Our corrugated Pallet Pads protect products from wood, nails, dirt and slight moisture.

They’re a great way to keep your products clean and secured – 4mm thick board.

Pallet Protector Sheets and Corrugated Pallet Pads

Cardboard Heavy Industrial

Our quality range of Cardboard Heavy Industrial packaging includes: Heavy Duty Carboard, IBC – Bulk Containers and Cardboard Pallets. Ensuring those heavy and tricky products are delivered securely and safely!

Heavy Duty

Heavy duty corrugated fibreboard is a cost-effective and practical material for product protection. Different grades of heavy duty material offer cushioning properties, while the Kraft paper combinations provide structural strength for stacking options.

Every day, large heavy duty cartons transport various products to end consumers. Such as, washers, dryers, and furniture. Heavy duty cardboard boxes are typically used to pack these items.


  • Supplied Flat – Reducing Storage
  • Cost Effective
  • Custom Designed
  • Designed For Maximum Stacking Strength & Performance
  • Low Tare Weight – Lighter Than Alternative Materials
Heavy Duty Cartons cardboard cartons
Heavy Duty Cartons cardboard cartons

IBC – Bulk Containers

The Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) is a box and pallet combination – sturdy and lightweight. A cost-effective option for local use or for export. The IBC is designed to fit into shipping containers efficiently and meets ISPM standards. Delivered unassembled, but can be easily set up when needed and takes up minimal storage space.

We offer standard sizes, but can also customise and include printing if necessary (with certain minimum requirements for manufacturing).

Some features include:

  • Custom Designed & Locking Pallet Set
  • Delivered Unassembled (Flat)
  • Easy To Erect
  • Available Ex Stock
  • Durable & Light Weight
  • ISPM Compliant For Export
  • Suitable For Both Air & Sea Freight
  • Excellent Shipping Container Utilisation
  • Custom Printed
IBC Bulk container Cardboard Cartons
cardboard boxes bulk container IBC

Cardboard Pallet

Did you know that cardboard pallets are a great alternative for goods to be exported without the need for ISPM15 certification?

Cardboard Pallets offers a sustainable and environmentally friendly option compared to traditional timber or plastic pallets. Commonly used for export purposes, particularly in the food industry. They provide a reliable and sturdy solution for transporting goods while minimising environmental impact.

Some features include:

  • Standard & Custom sizes
  • 100% Recyclable & Eco-friendly
  • Strong
  • Export Ready

Available products:
1165mm x 1165mm & Custom Made options

cardboard pallet cardboard cartons

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